ROV (Remotely operated vehicle) and ROVER

The use of ROV (Remotely operated vehicle) and ROVER guarantees cost reduction, more security and the possibility of reaching areas that were not reachable with the traditional techniques.

The inspection activities done with the help of the ROV in the marine environment and of the ROVER in the terrestrial environment represent the newest technology regarding producing and interpreting data in areas and conditions that could have difficultly covered by the traditional techniques.

A remotely-controlled submarine is a vehicle that operates underwater, controlled from a remote workstation that could be an offshore platform, a ship or a permanent location such as a port, with a maximum depth of 1000 metres.

We have a trailer-mounted video inspection system and a ROVER with wagon for inspections from DN100 to DN1200 and more, with cable reels of 200, 300 and 500 metres, in order to satisfy all of the needs of the costumers. The system is modular and can be integrated with a wide range of accessories. We have the KZ60 and the KZ95 cameras, both equipped with a laser to measure cracks, deformation and diameters; in addition to this, the DigiCan PRO software could produce reports according to the UNI EN13508.


This service can be provided in many different sectors: Oil & Gas and offshore, pipeline, power lines, pipes, tunnel, tanks and any other environment hostile for humans. In addition to this, the use of ROV and ROVER in the industrial inspections guarantees:

  • A reduction of the costs connected with the high altitude activities
  • A significant increase in safety-assurance
  • Values with high level of resolution, obtained with the application of different kind of sensor


In order to supply this service, applicable to any kind of industry, we are organised with our own equipment and sensors. The activity is done by certificated inspectors and professional pilots and who can operate in any condition and scenario.


Our instrumentation represent the best of the modern technologies in the market and they can assure a very high level of availability and performance.


The activities of our team are conducted with the respect of some values such as quality and availability, which represent us. In addition to this, our activities involve professionals regarding interpreting and post-producing data in any sector.

We work independently regarding technical and organisational part. In fact, we have our own equipment, pilots and internal know-how.

This allow us to set the start and the duration of the activities in line with the needs of the customer.

We are able to satisfy any request of the customer, guaranteeing a high level of result in terms of data. We operate on front line since the first phase of planning the mission, until the last phases of elaborating and reporting data.

Eventual special needs of the customer will be considered in function of the necessity of workforce and the programs of investments. Other technical solutions will be managed in accordance with the volume of the contract.