Welding Process MMA-TIG-MIG/MAG

Welding Process

Welding is a procedure, which allows the physical and chemical union of two joints through the fusion of them with filler metal. This material could be the same as the one of the joints, or could be a different material called “filler metal”.


This service can be provided in many different sectors: Oil & Gas and offshore, pipeline, power lines, shipping and chemical industry, food sector and heavy and light mechanical engineering.


In order to supply this service, applicable to any kind of industry, we are organised with our own equipment and sensors. The activity is done by certified welders who could operate in any kind of conditions and scenario. In addition to this, we have certified welders on MMA-TIG-MIG/MAG methods.


Acclaimed for its versatility, the M.M.A. is one of the most common welding procedure.

The filler metal is transferred thanks to an electric arc that sparks between the heart of the coated electrode and the piece exposed to this procedure.

The heat generated by the electric arc melt simultaneously the base metal (the piece that must be welded), the metallic soul and the coat of the electrode, generating the weld puddle powered by the metallic drops of the melted filler metal and by the welding slags that are transferred to the arc plasma.

Part of the components of the electrode volatilizes, contributing to create the atmosphere where the arc is ignited. The melted coat, at low density, covers the fusion generating slags that protect the welded metal during and after the solidification.


Tungsten Inert Gas is a procedure where the necessary heat for the execution of the welding is delivered by an electric arc maintained between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the piece under this process; the electrode used in this procedure to deliver the current is a tungsten electrode or tungsten alloy. The weld area, the melted metal and the non-consumable electrode are protected from the influence of the atmospheric agents by the inert gas that comes from the torch that holds the electrode. The welding with this procedure could be done with the use of other materials or throughout the fusion of the base material due to the heat produced by the electric arc.


The absence on the welding circuit of the gas cylinder, combined with the use of animated wired electrodes, identify the welding procedure without the protection of the gas (SELF SHIELDED WIRE, NO GAS or FLUX). In this case the protection is provided by the action of the soul of the wire.


Our instrumentation represent the best of the modern technologies in the market and they can assure a very high level of availability and performance.


The activities of our team are conducted with the respect of some values such as quality and availability, which represent us. In addition to this, our activities involve professionals regarding interpreting and post-producing data in any sector.

We work independently regarding technical and organisational part. In fact, we have our own equipment, pilots and internal know-how.

This allow us to set the start and the duration of the activities in line with the needs of the customer.

We are able to satisfy any request of the customer, guaranteeing a high level of result in terms of data. We operate on front line since the first phase of planning the mission, until the last phases of elaborating and reporting data.

Eventual special needs of the customer will be considered in function of the necessity of workforce and the programs of investments. Other technical solutions will be managed in accordance with the volume of the contract.